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A good roof protects your house from weather impacts and allows using more space for living and storage. In case you cannot decide if you need to fix the old roof or to install a new one – we recommend choosing the second option. Generally, repairing the existing roof is not worth spending time and money provided that “tired” materials will not last for a long time however you try to improve its condition. Roof layering can also prolong its feasibility only for some time. All constructions have a lifespan, however, new technologies deliver remarkably durable materials. LDN Comfort specialists track recent innovations to apply the most useful ones while developing roof construction services on the territory of Oregon.


Needless to say that all roof works are dangerous. The surface may be unstable or rotten; use of heavy tools and equipment requires strength and precision. Our skilled roofers have completed many roof installations in Oregon; their experience and knowledge allows working effectively and fast.

  • Planning. Making up a project and estimating the quantity of required materials and tools. Evaluating total budget. At this stage we engage customers to get an idea of their vision and aspirations. Our engineers confirm the details with you and develop final drawings.
  • Construction permits and paperwork. It is essential to acquire documents that allow building reconstruction. Dealing with authorities and providing them with required plans is a part of our job.
  • Dismantling of the old roof. Get rid of it: installing new roof onto the old one may significantly decrease its performance and shorten the lasting quality.
  • Installation. After having prepared the house we set to installation. LDN Comfort provides high-quality technological materials and professional roofers for ultimate results.
  • Cleaning up the site. No need to bother yourself with debris disposal


New roof improves living conditions and provide a fresh and aesthetic look to your property. After inspecting the house, our experts will help you to choose a suitable roof type and covering material out of many available variants:

  • Asphalt;
  • Metal;
  • Wood;
  • Clay or cement;
  • Composite.

 Use of underlay, moisture isolation and proper ventilation arrangement significantly improves the durability and performance of the roof and allows using the under-roof space for your needs. Contact us to receive expert advice and start planning pleasant renovations to improve the comfort level of your everyday life.


Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver high-quality services and achieve ultimate results. Targeting total customer satisfaction we have successfully completed an impressive number of residential and commercial projects and proved our reliability.

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  • Have all tools needed
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