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Adding a deck to your house is advantageous for a number of reasons. This area is most likely to become the favorite place of all family members. Serving open-air meals, grilling and playing table games on a cosy deck will become a joyful tradition.

A deck adds square footage to the total area and looks extremely attractive. This useful area significantly increases the price of your house in case you plan to sell it in future.


Building a quality deck should be undoubtedly entrusted to a team of qualified specialists who will carry out all range of planning, designing and building works. LDN Comfort focuses on clients’ aspirations and deliver design projects that support their vision.

Creating a deck project we concentrate on quality at all stages:

  • Choosing the right place for a deck. It is essential to inspect the house and to define the most convenient place for patio area. Together with the house owners we discuss possible locations and choose an ideal place that will provide easy access and consider the family’s habitudes.  
  • Designing the deck. Unlimited material choice allows creating constructions of any configurations. Fully open, shaded or partly roofed; side-boarded, balustered or plain – LDN Comfort will build a dream terrace for you.
  • Getting permissions. It is not surprising that most unapproved self-made decks cause trouble when it comes to selling the house. We take care of all required permissions and paperwork for any construction works in Oregon.
  • Choosing materials. Quality materials allow building beautiful and durable terrace that will serve you for many years. We provide several material options adjustable to the budget. 
  • Construction process. Depending on deck type our company provides a required quantity of workers, tools and equipment.
  • Clearing out the site. All material remnants and waste will be removed and disposed. We hand in a ready-to-use deck.

With unlimited options of supplementary features you can design a deck to match your taste and need. Consider using tents and folding constructions if you prefer to avoid permanent shades. Complete your cosy terrace with outdoor furniture and flower pots. A deck is an enjoyable addition to the house that  guarantees having a great time with family and friends.


Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver high-quality services and achieve ultimate results. Targeting total customer satisfaction we have successfully completed an impressive number of residential and commercial projects and proved our reliability.

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