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Remodeling house a for a completely new look is among the most popular restoration procedures. No matter if you are involved into flipping house business or planning to remodel your own house – it needs to be done by professionals who process profound knowledge of project maintenance and contemporary materials. Additionally, building a swimming pool or reshaping living places needs skill and special installation equipment.

If you have decided to remodel the house you should first receive a professional consultation to ensure conforming safety and construction regulations. Developing paperwork and getting necessary permissions is part of our work that allows detailed project planning.


Limitless building opportunities allow transforming the existing rooms and spaces:

  • A pool adds can completely change your house and influence you lifestyle. Swimming pool takes place in the list of mostly desired elements that may significantly improve the quality of life and change the overall character of the outside territory.
  • Updating and modifying house exterior for a fresh and fancy look. Using wood and stone paneling you can achieve a completely different style. Changing doors and windows may not only add for the attractive appearance but provide sound isolation and security.
  • Adding a roof level to create extra bedrooms.
  • Remodeling and extending existing terraces, developing patio decks and relaxation areas.
  • Adding a fireplace for a new cosy feel.
  • Installing new air conditioning system that provides aesthetic look and helps to reduce electricity bills. 
  • Floor heating system installation that impressively influences the level of comfort in cold months. This is the ultimate choice if you have small children who will not stop exploring the house.

Our experts have completed a big number of remodeling projects on the territory of Oregon State. LDN Comfort focuses on quality at every stage of project development. Client-oriented approach and profound skill allows delivering great results and achieve customers’ total satisfaction.

Use of high-end materials and technological equipment ensures safety and durability of the constructions and installed features. Our designers will help you to redesign the house and to replace out-of-date features with modern technologies that may significantly facilitate maintenance, increase comfort level and upgrade house appearance.


Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver high-quality services and achieve ultimate results. Targeting total customer satisfaction we have successfully completed an impressive number of residential and commercial projects and proved our reliability.

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  • On Time and on Budget
  • Have all tools needed
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