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Painting the house is the easiest way to change or refresh its appearance. Modern paints provide unlimited opportunities: combining colors and textures or using patterns allows creating beautiful and stylish living spaces.

Changing color concept of the exterior may help to preserve the original fresh look of the house or to change its look. All stages of painting work require advanced knowledge of materials and technology. Entrusting our house to our experienced specialists you get outstanding results and 100% guaranteed satisfaction


To catch up with constantly changing interior design tendencies you can simply change wall color. For an up-to-date stylish look you may prefer to use the following techniques:

  • Combining two colors: a darker tone is applied to the accented wall.
  • Scandinavian interior: requires painting the walls and the ceiling white. For the walls choose a slightly darker tone.
  • Gray walls: choose a nice gray tone to create a fancy-looking interior that can be accented with bright details or completed with monochrome textiles. 
  • Stripes: this pattern looks great in big-sized rooms. Wide even stripes provide a sophisticated look and help to achieve various effects.
  • Patterns: applying patterns requires precision and skill. Use of special tools allows creating beautiful patterns for a fresh and trendy look.
  • Vibrant colors reveal the owners’ active life position. 


To achieve seamless and smooth results all surfaces should undergo important preparation procedures. Painted walls may look really fancy if carefully prepared and skillfully maintained. The main points of wall preparation include removing old paint and wallpaper, fixing small imperfections and applying special mixtures that help to protect the walls against mold and ensure better adherence.

LDN Comfort provides high-quality painting services on the territory of Oregon. Our qualified specialists will carry out the whole spectrum of planning, preparation and painting procedures using the most technological mixtures and paints.


Applying a layer of quality exterior paint means protecting your house from natural shocks and providing a stable color coat for a fresh look. Exterior painting requires special skills as well as tools and equipment that helps to reach the hardest points.

Our expertise allows achieving brilliant results. LDN Comfort will take care of your furniture and windows; having finished painting we clean up and hand over a tidy fresh house. We deliver quality services on every stage to satisfy our clients.


Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver high-quality services and achieve ultimate results. Targeting total customer satisfaction we have successfully completed an impressive number of residential and commercial projects and proved our reliability.

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