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However easy fence demolishing may seem, it needs profound preparation and requires much labor and machine use. A plan of action may vary according to a certain case. Some types of soil make it hard to dig in and pull the underground parts of fence construction out and may require special equipment. Working at a site that is located very close to another property needs special precision and advanced tools.


There is a number of important details that should be considered to ensure the safety and effectiveness:

  • Inspecting the site and fence construction elements to organize a safe demolition and avoid any possible danger;
  • Developing an action plan a list of necessary tools and equipment;
  • Estimating required quantity of workers for quick and effective work;
  • Arranging machines such as trucks and excavators for debris removal

Our company ensures quick and safe fence removal process regardless of the age and type of its construction. LDN Comfort has been fulfilling this kind of work on the territory of Oregon State and is aware of any problems that may arise during the reconstruction process.


Having confirmed the plan, we come to the site and start dismantling the fence. Our workers will stack the parts for convenient disposal. If there are any useful materials left after the deconstruction that may be reused or sold, we will ask for your instructions on storage or transportation. As soon as demolishing is complete we clear out the territory and finish up tidying small pieces and dust so you can enjoy the changes and start making new plans of improving your living space.

Entrusting fence removal to our company you avoid the following hardships:

  • Finding necessary tools or buying them to use just once;
    Organizing working machines and equipment that are hard to find in some regions;
  • Doing hard work that may take weeks or even months without possessing special skills;
  • Care about debris disposal that requires trucks, excavators and finding a suitable dump.
  • Some procedures simply cannot be completed without professional appliances.

Pulling out cement footings from under the ground or breaking huge stones elements of old walls is not possible if you decide to try demolishing the fence yourself. Leave this hard work to our professional team and get a quick and highly satisfying result. 


Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver high-quality services and achieve ultimate results. Targeting total customer satisfaction we have successfully completed an impressive number of residential and commercial projects and proved our reliability.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
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  • On Time and on Budget
  • Have all tools needed
  • Clean up my own messes
  • Great rates
  • Small fixes to entire remodels
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