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The Rotovac Power Wand replaces the manual scrub wand for extraction carpet cleaning. Combining rotary agitation with hot water extraction, the Rotovac system is sure to leave your carpets cleaner and drier than after a usual wand cleaning. Agitation is provided by Rotovac's rotary-jet powerhead, as opposed to manual scrub wands used by the vast majority of other cleaning companies. The Rotovac has two Rotary Jet Extraction stainless steel cleaning heads. Each spinning head has three solution spray steam jets and three dual-stage vacuum extractors supplying 185"-210" of water lift. The heads counter-rotate at 250 r.p.m. This produces 1500 multi-directional injection/extraction cleaning passes per minute ... all day long! Using a manual wand requires a lot of backbreaking effort to push the wand over the carpet, and it only cleans from two directions (back & forth). A person with a manual scrub wand can only make around 60 two-directional cleaning passes per minute. As the person tires this number decreases (along with the quality), producing only mediocre cleaning results and leaving many tough stains in the carpet. The Rotovac's dual rotating heads work in opposite directions allowing for hundreds of cleaning passes in just a few strokes, thoroughly cleaning all sides of the carpet fiber. The unique dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encapsulates the spray jets and vacuum slots to create a "Steam Chamber" effect in the cleaning zone, delivering maximum heat to the carpet fiber. As the steam is injected into the carpet it is immediately extracted leaving a dryer, cleaner carpet. This powerful combination of heat, agitation and rotary flushing action enables the Rotovac to clean heavily soiled and matted carpet far more effectively than a conventional wand. With its intensive, aggressive cleaning action, the Rotovac restores heavily soiled carpets and matted traffic areas with ease. In addition to cleaning the carpets deep down the Rotovac also restores your carpet to "like new" condition. Old and worn carpets are given new life again as the pile is lifted and fluffed. You will notice a difference and you will love it.

The Rotovac's astonishing cleaning results have proven it to be the finest carpet cleaning machine available to the industry.

In fact, the Rotovac carpet cleaning system has revolutionized the carpet cleaning services and set a new standard in the professional carpet cleaning industry.

Therefore, your carpets will look, feel and stay cleaner, longer. Plus, you know that the job will be done right the first time -- every time!

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