Pro's ChoiceAt LDN Comfort we are stocked with only the very best cleaning products from top manufacturers. We refuse to use discount products that leave sticky residues behind and discolor your carpet. We use products from Pro's Choice based in Rancho Cordova, California. Pro's Choice produces stain removal agents with the best combination of effectiveness and safety. These are the best available.


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Pro Powder 2000Pro Powder 2000 is the most advanced, most powerful emulsifier on this planet. Guaranteed to out-perform all others. PH buffered for maximum performance. Color safe oxygen booster helps restore brightness. Natural solvents cut oily soils quickly. Anti-resoiling agent for greater customer satisfaction. Water softening agent to improve performance and reduce the cleaning chemical required. Odor neutralizers built in for pleasant fragrance. Low foam for trouble free cleaning.

Ultra TLC 2000Ultra TLC 2000 is the most powerful pre-spray on the planet. Guaranteed to out-clean and out-perform all others. With a pH of 8.8 it is suitable for use on all fiber types. Dilutes up to 100 to 1.

Extreme CleanExtreme Clean. Pro's Choice "Extreme Clean" helps us in extreme conditions. It is designed for use in commercial applications such as restaurants, apartments, etc. "Extreme Clean" is a maximum strength high pH concentrate with all the additives, builders and solvents we need for extreme greasy carpet. It is a dual purpose cleaner. We can also use it as a pre-spray or as an extraction emulsifier.

EnergyEnergy. This is a brand new chemistry to solve an old problem. Pro's Choice "Energy" dramatically improves cleaning solutions ability to break the strong bond that holds soil to Olefin and Polyester fibers. "Energy" has a pH of 7-8 in solution.

FirewaterFirewater is a complete, non-foaming carpet cleaning compound. It's formulated for fast thorough cleaning action. Firewater safely removes both water and oil soluble dirt -- there is no need for a separate spotter. Colors come out brighter textures.

First StrikePro's Choice "First Strike" is a high performance pre-spray and spotter formulated to meet the unique cleaning requirements of new fibers including Olefin and treated nylons. "First Strike" performs well even when high heat is not available.

Soil Release Pro's Choice "Soil Release" extraction solution is a high performance cleaner designed for use on all generations of nylon or olefin carpets. This unique product gives us all the power of high pH cleaners without the high pH. Our customers love the fresh clean fragrance it leaves. "Soil Release" performs well even when high temperatures are not available.

Baby Safe Baby Safe is a completely biodegradable safer cleaner that utilizes natural oxygen released during the cleaning process to brighten textiles and destroy microorganisms. It gives usa cleaner, brighter, fresher, residue free clean. Baby Safe contains no solvents, no butyl, no surfactant, no soaps and no chlorides. Carpets cleaned with Baby Safe stay clean longer because no residue is left behind to cause re soiling or contribute to chemical sensitivities.

Red ReliefRed Relief Now we can totally remove food and drink dye stains. Not a heat transfer type product. Pro's Choice "Red Relief" actually alters the stain color to simply make it disappear as if by magic. You have to see it to believe it!

Quick DryPro's Choice "Quick Dry" is a water soluble dry cleaning concentrate. It's quick drying, high performance makes it an excellent concentrate for bonnet cleaning. Anti re-soiling agents prevent early re-soiling from residual solution. Color enhancers restore luster to worn carpet fibers. Drying agents result in very fast dry time. Odor Neutralizers leave the carpet with a fresh and clean scent.

Stain Magic Pro's Choice "Stain Magic" removes all the stains caused by organic material such as wood furniture, coffee, wine, urine, blood, vomit, and many more.

Last StepLast Step. This is a great product we can't work without once we experienced its performance. More than an acetic textile rinse. This unique product works to remove cleaning agents from carpet and to reduce wicking and re-occuring spots.

Pro Solve GelPro-Solve Gel is the perfect blend of solvents for the professional. Nail Polish, Ink, Oil Paint, Latex Paint, Gum, Tar, and many more impossible spots are easily removed with this amazing gel.

ARA (Anti Re-Soiling Agent)ARA (Anti Re-Soiling Agent) Have you ever a re-appearing spot? Now with ARA those days are gone. Anti-re-Soiling Agent or ARA actually alters the capillary action to dry the sticky substances that cause re-soiling into a fine powder that vacuums up easily. Simply mist ARA after cleaning and call backs are a thing of the past.

Power GelPower Gel. The most concentrated blend of emulsifiers engineered to dissolve and suspend petroleum based soils and extremely fine particulate soils.

Foam KillFoam Kill Fast acting, long-lasting silicone de-foamer. Just a few squirts into your suction hose or recovery tank will handle the most severe foaming problem.

Rust AwayPro's Choice "Rust Away" is very fast acting to quickly and completely remove rust from nearly any surface. Removal is safe, simple and economical.

 CSSPro's Choice CSS (Color Stabilizer and Souring Agent) is an effective pre- and post-cleaning treatment to prevent color bleed during cleaning and browning during the drying process when cleaning natural fibers and upholstery. CSS is excellent for treatment of stain resistant yellowing often caused by high PH cleaners.

Natural Fiber Cleaner Natural Fiber Cleaner is a powder that is designed to safely and thoroughly clean those difficult to clean natural textiles, such as Haitian and Natural Cottons, that are prone to yellowing and browning. We found this product to be helpful in restoring fabrics that have been discolored due to improper cleaning procedures. Restores clean white color to dingy upholstery.

Stain Blotter Stain Blotter Pro's Choice answer for recurring spots caused by "wicking". Soaks up stains and spills during the drying processso the soil ends up in the absorbent, not the fibers.

Stain Guardian Pro's Choice "Stain Guardian" is a state of the art blend of florochemicals that will impart stain resistance to natural and synthetic fibers. When carpet is professionally treated with" Stain Guardian" it is protected against stains by the newest and best Fluoro Chemical Technology. "Stain Guardian" is guaranteed to protect carpet from stains caused by food and drink spills for one year from the date of treatment.

ProtectionPro's Choice Protection is an economical florochemical that contains 3M Flourochemical concentrate. Protection covers 1,000 square feet.

Protection Stay Clean "Brush & Bonnet" is designed to be used for (spray and brush) and (bonnet cleaning) procedures. It is applied using a rotary shampoo machine or using a pump type sprayer. Any residual that remains will dry to a non-sticky crystal, which will be removed during normal vacuuming.