I have employed Dmitri Laptov numerous times over the last 6 years for various projects at my home, office and rental property. I have been very pleased with his efficiency, his pricing, his work ethic and the high quality of his work.
To data, I have contracted with him on 5 house-painting projects and one office-painting project. On each occasion he has worked professionally with attention to details and quality finish. H works unsupervised and efficiently to get projects completed on time and on budget. His estimate are very competitive and there is strong value for the quality of his work.
I can highly recommend Dmitri Laptov and his crew for maintenance, painting and cleaning services with strong endorsements for his work quality, his honesty and professionalism.

Victor Richenstein, M.D
1864 Riverwood Drive
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Dmitri Laptov just finished painting the exterior of our home.
We were introduced to Dmitri by one of our neighbors who gave him a very fine reference. We have now added ourselves to the long list of satisfied customers of Dmitri's company , LDN Comfort.

Dmitri is professional, competent and knowledgeable in all of the facets of exterior painting. He and his crew were always careful and the work was done in timely manner with the least amount of upheaval to us. He is very meticulous and was as careful to do a good for us as he was to satisfy his own high standards.

We are gladly writing this letter to recommend Dmitri Laptov for any work or projects for you home.

Kay and Fred Pederson

Dmitriy Laptov and LDN Comfort, LLC has been providing janitorial services for my agency for the last three years. I found their services entirely satisfactory and reliable. Dmitriy Laptov conducts his business with high responsibility, in a highly efficient and timely manner. Dmitriy Laptov has done extensive remodeling on my own house. His rates were very competitive and the outcome was outstanding. If you want competitive rates with great services, you could not make a better choice than Dmitriy Laptov and LDN Comfort, LLC.

Victoria Saucier

Dimitri Laptov has been cleaning our office an home for 2 1/2 years. He is always on time, courteous and is willing to do whatever needs to be done.We are very satisfied with his work and recommend him without hesitation.

Roger Langeliers

I have been using house cleaning services from LND Comfort LLC company for almost two years. I am very happy with the way this company operates. Comfort service people are very friendly, reliable and highly professional. They keep appointments and leave my house clean all over. Unlike many other companies I had been using before they include ceiling, lamps and blinders dusting in their routine cleaning sessions which is an important asset for Oregon because we have so many spiders around. I do not want to employ any other cleaning provider because I am fully satisfied with the job they have done for me. It is my pleasure to recommend for LDN Comfort LLC company to anyone who needs house cleaning or is otherwise engages in a business with them.

Julia Nemirovskaya

I am writing to recommend to you the services to LDN Comfort, LLC, a domestic and commercial housekeeping provider. LDN Comfort has provided weekly cleaning of our home for the past four years. They provide floor-to-ceiling thoroughness with minimal consumption of cleaning agents. Consistent personnel arrive promptly as scheduled and clean with efficiency and discretion. In those instances when our schedule has necessitated a change in schedule, they have been most accommodating. We have several indoor pets that are greeted with affection rather than resented for the additional cleaning burden that such family members impose. There has never been any question with regard to trustworthiness - LND Comfort routinely cleans in my absence. If you have further questions about LDN Comfort, please feel free to contact me at my voice mail, 341-2646. A clean house is a pleasure worth your investment.

Judy Ekstrom

I have used the services of Dmitri Laptov and LDN Comfort, LLC for the pat several years, for work concerned with the interior of our home, outdoor paved area, and exterior fountain. We have found each job accomplished in a highly skilled, conscientious and timely manner, and at a competitive rate. He is prompt to begin, and the are involved is clean upon completion. I would highly recommend LDN Comfort LLC and owner Dmitri Laptov and his crew.

Barbara A. Bergreen

This letter will server as a recommendation/reference for Mr. Dmitriy Laptov. I have utilized his services (LDN, Comfort LLC) for over 4 years. He and his employees have done nothing but excellent work for me . I employ LDN for cleaning and various home improvements projects and have been very pleased with their results. I strongly recommend their services. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Christine Kollmorgen

Dmitriy Laptov, owner of LDN Comfort has been cleaning our home for several months and has done an excellent job. We have found him to be thorough and efficient. Dmitry and his staff arrive promptly, work hard and complete the job with a minimum of inconvenience to our family. I would certainly recommend LDN Comfort to anyone with cleaning needs.

Becky Stenzel

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